The Poetry Anthology

The year 10 Poetry exam is on June 8th. This will involve writing an essay on the poems from the Anthology (Relationship) and then answering a question on an unseen poem. Some of the resources below come from the AQA website. Others come from teachers in the LWS English department.

This page includes a set of sample papers as well as info on Section A (with notes on each poem) and then a short section on the unseen section of the exam (scroll down to find this).

Sample Poetry Papers (Foundation go to page 5 for the questions on the Relationship poems and go to page 6 for the Unseen Poetry question):



Section A: The Anthology (Relationship) Poems

This is a 10 page poster introducing the key ways to approach poems (imagery, strcutre, ideas etc) and includes some key vocuabualry to use wihen writing about poetry: PoetryGuidePoster

A Powerpoint explaining what the Poetry exam is about, including an unseen poetry question: Unit2 Exam Poetry Intro Ninetieth Birthday

Poetry Revision Cards: Yr10 Poetry Revision Cards

The BBC Bitesize site has info on all the Relationship poems.

Help With English has info on many of the poems with analysis on this page.

A set of sample questions on Relationship poems: sample questions

A simple way to plan your essay on the Relationship poems: essayplanrelationships

A sample answer on the question: Compare how love is presented in Hour and one other poem from ‘Relationships’. essaysamplelove

                                                                           The Anthology Poems
The Manhunt———————————————————

The Poem: Manhunt

Manhunt Context


The Poem: Hour

Context: Hour Context

Resource on the stories of Midas and Rumpelstiltskin and how they are referred to in Hour: Hour Midas Rumpel

In Paris With You—————————————————-

The Poem: ParisWithYou

Context for In Paris with You: ParisContext


The Poem: Brothers

Praise Song for my Mother ————————————–

The Poem: PraiseSong

Context for Praise Song:PraiseSongContext

The Basics: Praise Songthebasics


The Poem: Harmonium

Context: HarmoniumContext

Sister Maude————————————————————

The Poem: Poem

To His Coy Mistress————————————————

The Poem: Poem

The Basics: To His Coy Mistressthebasics


The Poem: QDrawPoem

The Basics: Quickdrawthebasics


The Poem: PoemGhazal

The Basics: Ghazalthebasics

Sonnet 116—————————————————————

The Poem: Poem

Powerpoint on the poem: Sonnet 116 – CGP notes

Sonnet 43—————————————————————-

The Poem: Poem

The Basics: Sonnet 43thebasics


The Poem: Poemtext

The Farmer’s Bride—————————————————-

The Poem: PoemFB

The Basics: The Farmersthebasics

Born Yesterday———————————————————

The Poem: PoemBY

The Basics: Born Yesterdaythebasics


Section B: The Unseen Question

Unseen Poetry Practice. Read the poem and answer the questions: Unseen McGough

Unseen Poetry sample answer: Unseen McGough Sample Answer

Another sample unseen question: Aunt Julia

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